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Pioneering a New Culture of Dentistry

At Dental Care of Michigan, you can feel comfortable knowing that we provide comprehensive dental services, from regular cleanings to oral surgery, all under one roof and at a location close to you.

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About Us

We are the pioneers of a new culture in dentistry.

Dental Care of Michigan is the first dental organization in the United States to integrate a philosophy that goes above and beyond what the consumer expects of their dental healthcare. We are motivated by our desire to gain leadership to set new standards in the dental industry through prioritizing the overall health of our patients, and implementing a new feature of centralizing an in-house patient specialty care.

Why Choose Dental Care of Michigan?

There are many reasons to choose a dentist – Do they offer the services you need? Is it easy to schedule an appointment online? Do they use the most modern, up-to-date technology? At Dental Care of Michigan, the answers to these questions is an astounding yes! The real Dental Care of Michigan difference lies within our core values.

Our entire network has evolved to create a best-in-class approach to better serve all of our patient’s dental healthcare needs.

Our six pillars of excellence include:

  • Same Day Appointments
  • Complimentary Exams and X-Rays for New Patients
  • Total Health Philosophy
  • Virtually All Insurances Accepted
  • Smile Care Dental Savings Plan
  • Financing Options

Because we have many locations with convenient hours, it is easy for you to get an appointment that fits your schedule. We even accept same day appointments!

Meet Our Doctors

    Profile photo of D​r. Hawazin Khedher (Dr. K),

    D​r. Hawazin Khedher (Dr. K)

    Dr. Hawazin Khedher attended TUFTS University and Baghdad University. She earned a Doctorate of Dental Medicine and practices many specialties in the dentistry field. Those specialties include but are not limited to general dentistry, root canals, bridges and fillings, extractions, and complete dentures and partials. She has a huge heart and makes relieving patients in pain her top priority. In both her professional and personal life, Dr. Khedher strives to do everything she can to make the people around her happy.  

    Profile photo of Dr. Vasanthi Rengarajan (Dr. Renga),

    Dr. Vasanthi Rengarajan (Dr. Renga)

    Dr. Vansanthi Rengarajan attended school in India and then came to the states to further her education in Michigan. She earned a Master of Dental Surgery, as well as a Doctorate of Dental Surgery. At our practice, she performs general dentistry with a focus on oral surgery, cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry. Her amiable personality, big heart, and passion for life has made her immensely successful. Dr. Rengarajan believes that life is too short. Enjoying every day and making the best out of it is her soul outlook on life. 


    “I love to bring out the smile in people. It boosts the self-esteem and confidence in them. “  

    Profile photo of Dr. Gunja Patel,

    Dr. Gunja Patel

    Bio coming soon!

    Profile photo of ​​Dr. Basman Kraidi,

    ​​Dr. Basman Kraidi

    Bio coming soon!

    Profile photo of ​Dr. Daha Roumayah,

    ​Dr. Daha Roumayah

    Bio coming soon!

    Profile photo of Dr. Sadeer Daood,

    Dr. Sadeer Daood

    Bio coming soon!

    Profile photo of ​Dr. Jake Farida,

    ​Dr. Jake Farida

    Bio coming soon!

    Profile photo of ​Dr. Angelina George,

    ​Dr. Angelina George

    Bio coming soon!

    Profile photo of ​Dr. Zina Murad-Arafat,

    ​Dr. Zina Murad-Arafat

    Bio coming soon!

    Profile photo of Dr. Fadi Abshara, DDS

    Dr. Fadi Abshara , DDS

    Bio coming soon!

    Profile photo of ​​Dr. Rammiz Khoury,

    ​​Dr. Rammiz Khoury

    Bio coming soon!

    Profile photo of ​​Dr. Calvin Hanna,

    ​​Dr. Calvin Hanna

    Bio coming soon!

    Profile photo of Dr. Atheel Kinaia,

    Dr. Atheel Kinaia

    Bio coming soon!

    Profile photo of ​Dr. Rezan Doku,

    ​Dr. Rezan Doku

    Bio coming soon!

    Profile photo of Dr.​​ Milard Chirco,

    Dr.​​ Milard Chirco

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    Profile photo of ​Dr. Danielle Roumayah,

    ​Dr. Danielle Roumayah

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