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Michigan Oral Surgery

No two words used together provoke as much fear and unrest in people as oral surgery. What many people fail to understand is putting off a much-needed dental procedure can actually be more painful that the surgery itself.

Dental Care Michigan has locations throughout the state offering patients the most advanced oral and maxillofacial surgery in the area. From wisdom teeth removal to single tooth extraction and corrective jaw surgery, our goal is to eliminate a patient’s fear of oral surgery and give them a pain-free tomorrow. Our Michigan oral surgery procedures include:

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Michigan

Your third molars, located in the back of the mouth, right behind your second molars, are more commonly referred to as your wisdom teeth. They are called this because they typically don’t develop until your mid-teens to early twenties. The name implies the attainment of wisdom at the onset of maturity.

In certain circumstances, your jaw may not be large enough to accommodate one or all four of these wisdom teeth. When this inadequate space prevents your teeth from breaking through your gums, your wisdom teeth are considered impacted. They’re unable to erupt and therefore aren’t properly positioned for chewing or cleaning.

If you’re experiencing dental pain believed to be related to your wisdom teeth, please schedule a consultation at one of our offices to see if you could potentially benefit from wisdom teeth removal. We will perform a panoramic x-ray of your mouth and jaw to determine whether or not your wisdom teeth are impacted, if there’s enough room for partial eruption for proper chewing and cleaning, and how complex wisdom teeth removal may be.

If wisdom teeth extraction is necessary, the procedure is typically performed in-office with a local anesthetic to numb the area of removal. If several or all of your wisdom teeth are being removed at once, a general anesthetic such as Nitrous Oxide or IV sedation, along with a local anesthetic, may be necessary.

Tooth Extractions in Michigan

While we’d ideally like to save your natural teeth, tooth extraction is sometimes necessary due to things like severe decay, advanced gum disease, or an irreparable break. Although problems such as jaw joint issues, shifting teeth, or impaired chewing ability are possible with the removal of a single tooth, replacements of the extracted tooth can be discussed.

Our Michigan tooth extractions are performed in-office with the use of a local anesthesia in conjunction with other types of sedation like Nitrous Oxide or IV administration. Even with the anesthetic, pressure may still be felt as the tooth will be firmly rocked back and forth to widen the socket for extraction. However, since the tooth itself along with the jawbone and gums surrounding have been numbed, the nerves won’t be profoundly affected and pain should be non-existent or very minimal.

Orthognathic (Jaw) Surgery in Michigan

Patients with an improper bite, or a jaw that isn’t positioned correctly, may require jaw surgery for repositioning. Although a bad bite can usually be corrected with orthodontics such as braces, this straightens out the teeth and not the misaligned jaw. Chronic jaw or TMJ pain, difficulty chewing, or speech problems can still be problematic even with that new beautified smile.

We’ll use comprehensive facial x-rays and computer imaging to determine whether or not you’re a candidate for corrective jaw surgery. This is a complex one to four hour procedure that may require a 3-4 day hospital stay, extended time off work or school, continued monitoring of your recovery, and once-a-week appointments for at least two months following the procedure. It can take up to two months to regain chewing function, perhaps even one year for full function.

Michigan Dental Implants

Titanium dental implants can be used to replace one or more missing teeth. Just like a natural tooth is comprised of both the root and its crown (the actual visible tooth inside the mouth used to chew food), these dental implants are as well. A small implant replaces the root and is given time for the surrounding bone to heal and grow around the implant to serve as a strong foundation for the artificial tooth. An abutment (support tooth) is then placed over the implant before the crown goes on top of that.

Dental implant technology has seen a number of advances in recent years. In certain situations, to minimize the number of surgical procedures, the small implant could possibly be inserted the day of extraction; however, generally six weeks is needed before the artificial tooth can be added to the implant.

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Don’t live with pain or discomfort when a relatively painless procedure could significantly help you and improve your quality of life. Find an oral surgeon in Michigan at http://dentalcaremichigan.com/all-locations for an appointment and consultation. We have offices throughout the state and the Detroit metropolitan area in Warren, Canton, Hazel Park, Mt. Clemens, Montrose, Livonia, Evergreen, Oakland County, Richmond, Shelby, St. Clair Shores, Southfield, and Garden City. We look forward to helping you.